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A cinematic portrayal of a daughter’s journey to keep up with her father’s relentless drive for adventure and inspiring ability to never stop moving as he makes his way from Vermont to Chile to Alaska on his motorcycle.

producer | director | editor: JANIQUE L. ROBILLARD

key motorcycle driver | camera op: LUC ROBILLARD

key van driver | Luc wrangler: JEN ROBILLARD

Luc Robillard reminscing of his and Jen's adventures in their van...


Seeking video, film, photographs, or newspaper clippings with Luc from as far back as you can go -- canoe racing or ski coaching in particular. If you have something you think I may be interested in, I am. Please get in touch if you do. Thank you!

Map tracing Luc and Jen's trek from Vermont to the bottom of Chile - Ushuaia - back up to Florida, then the Arctic Circle and back home to Vermont...

Click map to zoom in on map and trace their journey.

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