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Janique Robillard and Paulius Kontijevas on set for "Move for Freedom" in 2014.



Through a unique series of dance films in the U.S. and India, we are creating pieces that support dance as an international resource for healing, empowerment, and anti-violence advocacy.

co-producer / director | editor: JANIQUE L. ROBILLARD

co-producer / director | choreographer: SYDNEY SKOV

director of photography: PAULIUS KONTIJEVAS

NEW FILM website:


*Move for Freedom, Official Selection at Portland Oregon Women's Film Festival:

thank you POWFest for premiering Move for Freedom - we had a wonderful time! 

Blending contemporary choreography, cinematography, projection art, poetry, ambient music, and motion graphics, the FREE BODY PROJECT series is an immersive, cross-cultural experience. 


Inspired by the the dancers of Kolkata Sanved – a survivor-run NGO based in Kolkata, India that heals and empowers survivors of sexual slavery through dance – a group of dancers, social activists, and filmmakers are creating experimental dance / documentary films to raise awareness of sex trafficking in the U.S. and the freedoms denied victims worldwide. 


Ultimately, the goal is to spark conversations on a global scale about art and dance as viable tools for social justice and to empower movers internationally to take action and begin healing survivors of sex trafficking. Move for Freedom is the first installation in a series of films to come from Free Body Project.


*Following the release of our first film, we spent 2016 developing a movement series that culminated in 3-weeks of filming in Kolkata, India. FROM THERE TO HERE, our new dance documentary received the Dance Films Association Production Grant in 2017 and recently premiered at Dance on Camera festival at Lincoln Center in NYC.

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